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Core Values


Government must be transparent.  Transparency promotes accountability, trust and provides information for citizens about what their government is doing. My Assessor's Office will take appropriate action to disclose information rapidly in manners that the public can readily use. In fact, we've already been doing this for years, and have won awards from our work.   I will use new technologies to put information about operations and decisions online and readily available to the public. We will continue to solicit public feedback to identify strengths and weaknesses in our approach. We will strive to maintain the highest level of transparency of local government.

Fiscal Discipline

Maintaining fiscal discipline in government is essential to limiting its growth and maintaining a healthy economic environment, and it is an absolute responsibility of every elected official.  At the County Assessor's office, there are two principle expenses that are risks to the budget: labor costs and one-time capital expenditures.  As your Assessor I will maintain a conservative budget my investing in current staff, refraining from adding full time staff to the ledger, and perhaps most of all, managing and expanding current technology rather than purchasing all new, large, expensive systems that cost taxpayers millions.

Limited Government

A limited government is one whose legalized power is restricted through delegated and enumerated authorities. Jurisdictions with limited governments have fewer laws about what individuals and businesses can and cannot do. In many cases it is a constitutionally limited government, bound to specific principles and actions by a state or federal constitution. I will maintain my focus on limited government as our Assessor.  This will apply to our approach to property visits, appraisals, and assessment appeals, as well as every operational aspect of the office.  We will respect property rights, as well as your right to petition your government, and honor the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Colorado.

Critical Competencies

A critical competency is a skill that is absolutely essential for success in a particular role or performing a specific task. Without it, the outcome may be weaker and not reach full potential . The Assessor's Office requires staffing of some technical, high level skills, such as those in the list below. One of the most important actions a new Assessor can take is to recruit the hardest working, smartest, most experienced staff available, and then train and invest in them. I will make the professional well being of your Assessor's Office staff a priority, and from that you should expect the highest level of competency and excellence.

Appraisal of Commercial, Vacant Land and Residential property

Advanced Title Conveyance

Geographic Information Systems

Database Reporting, Management and Administration

Statistics and Data Science

Real Estate and Taxation Law and associated Legal Analysis

Low Taxes

Colorado has some complicated and nuanced property tax laws.  That makes the job of educating the public much more challenging and important, and it is not going to get any easier in the future.  With the defeat of the Gallagher Amendment not long ago, our tax laws are now under constant pressure of change, from fluid and inconsistent assessment rates to undependable senior and veterans exemptions.  It is CRUCIAL that County Assessors are experienced, educated, competent leaders that are able to manage this environment of constant change in law.  As your Assessor, I will always be an advocate for lower taxes, especially in property taxes where excess taxation and liberal fiscal policies can threaten people's homeownership, and businesses ability to stay afloat.

World Class Customer Service

Let's face it, governments are not known for the quality of service they provide.  However, at Douglas County, and especially at your Assessor's Office, we are different.  We use technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness of communication.  We train staff to work and serve with greatness under difficult circumstances.  We invest in their training in order to provide the highest level of communication with citizens.  We seek out feedback from our customers and believe in continuous improvement.  Under my leadership we will continue to reach out to customers where they are and address their needs directly, use technological advances to add channels of information, and make transparency an absolute priority.

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